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IT247 Projects

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  • Project 6 & 7
  • Project 8

Project 1 - Imagery

my son and daughter cris and micahsame as the left accept saved as png

Jpg vs Gif photos


Project 2 - Composite

Composite project with my kids. Son driving car with guitar.  Daughter playing piano with chimp and playing drums on building

This assignment allowed the class to begin experimenting
with using multiple images to create a composite.


Project 3 - Touch Up


mom in b&w photosame photo of mom with color splashes

b&W photo of roses

This project we practice retouching and repairing
a black and white image by adding color. We used various
retouching tools (cloning stamp, healing brush, patch) and
adjusting the tonal values of the image.

Project 4 - Banner

tinkerbell banner

creating a header graphic composite (a banner)
to appear on your home page design


Upstate & Downstate (Rollover) buttons


Here we practice combining two images
into one to create buttons for websites.



This assignment will be an opportunity to combine all the skills you have attained
during this process and create a new composite image to
- Demonstrate use of four original source files used in composite.
-Each source file converted to Smart Object and placed on separate layers.
-At least one Smart Filter (minimum).
- Create personal watermark.


Vanishing Point

vanishing point

This assignment gave the class opportunity
to experiment with the smart filters,
filter masks, and the vanishing point filter.

Creating a website with Photoshop

This assignment provided opportunities to create a mockup for a home
page design by using Photoshop CS4 slice tools and and grid pattern techniques.