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Scenic Oceanview with sailboats

Four photos of Galapagos Island



IT492-01: Advanced Scripting for Interactivity
S.Faison Projects

  • Creating Instances
  • Creating Code Loop
  • Using Math
  • “Rounding” Function
  • Using Text and Arrays
  • Creating a Memory Game
  • Creating a Puzzle Game
  • Multimedia Sound
snowboarders flipping with one green on left larger than the purple one on the right

Using trace statements to check which condition is true.
FLA File

Screenshot of snowboarder instances of a MovieClip each getting smaller with a decrease in alpha to demonstrate code with loops

Creating intances using loops and filters with AS3.
FLA File

Screenshot of five deck of playing cards with random and reset buttons

Using random method to generate random cards.
Randomization Files

Screenshot of five blue deck of cards and five red deck of cards above with a  reset button in a row between them

Generating ten random numbers using the Math.random() function
FLA File

Screenshot of scroll text box

Using AS3 to create, style and scroll text
Scrolling Files

Screenshot of eight memory cards

Using variables, classes, events and loops to determine a win
Memory FLA File

Screenshot of a puzzle with two kids. Little girl on left and boy on right.

Using advanced interactivity to generate a puzzle picture.
Puzzle FLA File

screen shot of sound control objects, up and down arrows, pause and stop buttons

Using sound formats such as URLRequest and soundReq
Sound FLA File

Huge rocks on Riviera Beach shore lines in Palm Beach County